The Guardianship

The Guardianship follows a property guardian as he embarks upon a short stay in a vacant country house. 

If he doesn't go he will be chucked out as he owes money to the company. He might as well use the time to get his short stories commission complete and take advantage of the isolation.

Although the supposed accompanying guardian doesn't arrive, it is clear that he's far from alone, the house is already inhabited by a relentless haunting presence. 

With mix of short horror stories told as he dictates and type ups dictation, Sion finds himself the centre of his own terrifying horror story.

This project has a feel of a modern day 'The Woman In Black' 1989 and 'The Haunting' by Charles Dickens


While attempting experimental methods to communicate with a young coma patient, Dr Clark and his colleague are faced with more answered then they had ever imagined.

Details of the accident that put the young girl in this state, have never been fully understood... but now she can now point the finger.

Unusually, the story behaves like a horror but turns into a thriller. As the comatose girls communication is slowly revealed through various experements, each family member is seen as the potential cause of her coma.

This project has a feel of, 'The Exorcist' 1973, 'Brimstone and Treacle' 1982, 'Audrey Rose' 1977, 'Red Lights' 2012 and 'Patrick' 1978.

The Driller Killer

Unable to take the pressure of his first commission, a London art graduate finds himself on both sides of sanity. Frightening visions pursue him as the pressures intensify, leading to terrifying consequences. Based on/Remake of the previously banned 1979 film which was the inspiration of the term 'Video Nasty'.


'Fragile' is an unusual thriller set in a medical facility for patients with a muscle wasting disease and severe learning disability. They are all in need of constant support and have at least one parent as a resident staying on the grounds.

A mid-twenties youth 'Sean' finds himself as an unwitting hospital porter in the LakeSide institute, a private countryside hospital. It's not ideal, but it helps him to avoid his problems and keeps him out of view from the law.

Although its a soothing and calm environment, Sean begins to notice that the place is full of oddities. All the patients are administered the same drug and their weak bodies are supported by a full body plaster-cast.

While passing one room he notices something about the relationship between a mother and her son, it's as though she adores his doll-like state (in a full body cast and virtually comatose) more than if he was up and running around full of health. “He's a good boy, a very good boy, look at his little Sunday tuxedo, you'll always be Mommy's little daring”.

After reading up on the drug, it's clear that it is only responsible for sedation and has no therapeutic value at all.

Sean decides to swap the drug for saline solution and thing become clear.

After a couple of days one young patient utters “Please, will you help us all?”

Sean's dilemma to contact the authorities is short lived when he is found out an the true terror ensues.

This project has a flavour of 'The Stepford Wives' 1975, 'Misery' 1990, 'The Baby' 1973 and 'House of Wax' 1953 with the integrity and style of 'Coma' 1978.


In 2006, 8 healthy male volunteers entered a medical trial. With promise of the drug being a miracle to those with cancer leukaemia and other autoimmune diseases, the last thing they expected was to be at deaths door.

The film follows the actual experience of Rob Oldfield (of Echo-12) who is one of the 6 men who didn't receive the placebo, and found himself in intensive care with tubes coming from everywhere on life support for a week.

Although this project is a true life story, it has enough horror to be presented in the horror genera which it will be.